2 – Alex Berger – “Putting the writing process in the middle”

Episode Summary

Pierre and Philipp talk with Alex Berger, French-American producer of the spy series The Bureau, about how he created his hit show by putting a writers room at the center of the process.

Episode Notes

(sorry for the small annoying parasite sounds in the first 20min of the interview, they go away!)

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Pierre and Philipp tell more about who they really are, then talk about this Variety article about European facing the coronavirus crisis: https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/coronavirus-europe-tv-schedulers-bbc-rai-france-televisions-1234583298/

  • THE MAIN TOPIC – 12’34”

Our guest Alex Berger is the producer of Le Bureau des Légendes, a spy series for Canal+. Here is a trailer with English subtitles.

The NY Times article ranking the series: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/20/arts/television/best-international-tv-shows.html

The infamous “Rapport Berger”, in English:  https://www.cnc.fr/documents/71205/1057363/Alex+Berger+Report+on+new+organisation+for+scripted+drama+series+in+France.pdf/7e67e78a-325d-6abf-596f-d2dc588363ba