1 – Nicola Lusuardi – “Telling stories in a global way”

Episode Summary

In this first episode of Euro Pudding, we talk with Italian writer and development executive Nicola Lusuardi about how TV series could save Europe. Simple.

Episode Notes

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Musics by Rafaël Leloup.

Visual by Katharina Bobeth.

  • INTRO – 00’00”

We introduce the podcast and talk with Sullivan Le Postec about Disney+ and a silly controversy.
Sullivan’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sullivan_lp
An article about the “Splash” Story: https://news.avclub.com/disney-found-a-super-chill-totally-subtle-way-to-edit-1842839845

  • THE MAIN TOPIC – 16’00”

We talk with Nicola Lusuardi about the current Coronavirus situation and the impact it will have on Tv series; then about writing for a global audience and how storytelling could help create a European identity.

The website of the company where Nicola is head of development: https://www.theapartment.it/en/