3 – Emergency writing – “If you have a lot of trust, you don’t need as much time”

Episode Summary

Pierre and Philipp talk with different writers who had to create stories fast to react to the current epidemic. Luisa Hardenberg and Alex Lindh wrote episodes for the German ZDFNeo quarantine series “Liebe Jetz”; Simona Nobile and Andres Kyriacou created The World’s Writers Room; Tunde Aladese is writing and directing “MTV Shuga – Alone Together” in Africa. They tell us how they worked and dealt with the new situation.

Episode Notes

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  • Intro

We talk about many shows having found ways to shoot during the coronavirus situation. For example the example of ITV “Isolation Stories”: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2020/apr/23/isolation-stories-itv-lockdown-drama-interview-makers

  • THE MAIN TOPIC – PART 1 – “Liebe Jetz!” – 6’40”

With writers Luisa Hardenberg and Alex Lindh, we talk about the ZDFNeo series “Liebe Jetz!”. https://www.zdf.de/serien/liebe-jetzt

  • THE MAIN TOPIC – PART 2 – The World Writers room – 32’45”

With writers Simona Nobile and Andreas Kyriacou, we talk about their new initiative: The World’s Writers Room. Maybe you can join and/or help them!

  • THE MAIN TOPIC – PART 3 – MTV “Shuga – Alone Together” – 43’20”

With writer and director Tunde Aledesa, we talk about the coronavirus special edition of the African MTV series “Shuga”, “Alone Together”.

The website of the series: https://www.mtvshuga.com/

The episodes on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs3bPA053ZU3W1XOZeOnoj59GeKmj1fxU

  • Conclusion – 1h07′

Check out these great videos “How to” on the Variety website: