S02E07 – Katrin Merkel & Timo Gößler – The German Room

Episode Summary

Our guests wrote the book “The German Room”, comparing the TV writing processes in the US and Germany. With them, we talk about potential solutions brought by their work to see how the European TV landscape can adapt to the new global reality and if the conditions of writers could improve.

Episode Notes

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Visual by Katharina Bobeth.


You can find “The German Room” in German in any bookstore, real or online. Here is the publisher’s website.

Katrin is the head of Serial Eyes.

Timo teaches the WINTERCLASS Serial Writing and Producing at Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF and the Erich Pommer Institute.

We recommended :

The Weekend Read app.

The shops Faraos Cigarer in Copenhagen.


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