S02E06 – Prof. Dr. Joachim Friedmann – Storytelling for Media

Episode Summary

This episode is longer than usual. This happens when people who love stories talk about stories! Our guest is a German writer known by all other German writers; he works in every format and genre and is a professor at several international schools for TV writing: Prof. Dr Joachim Friedmann! We talk about his book “Storytelling for Media”, about teaching writing, and the current state of television and creation. Enjoy!

Episode Notes

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You can find Joachim’s book “Storytelling for Media” here:https://www.utb.de/doi/book/10.36198/9783838557649 

(The German version is at the same publisher here: https://www.utb.de/doi/book/10.36198/9783838552378 but maybe wait for the second edition coming soon!)

Joachim Friedmann is teaching at the IFS and at the Séries Mania Eureka Insitute


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