S02E04 -Teresa Hochmuth & Korbinian Hamberger – Writing for kids

Episode Summary

With German writers Teresa Hochmuth & Korbinian Hamberger, we talk about writing fiction for kids. How to target this specific audience, and how these stories lend themselves to several formats and supports. Connect with your inner child in this episode of Euro Pudding!

Episode Notes

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Musics by Rafaël Leloup.

Visual by Katharina Bobeth.


0’00” – Intro and chit-chat

03’10” – Main topic – Writing for Kids

52’25” – Conclusion and recommendations

Teresa Hochmuth website.

+ You can buy Teresa’s books here.

More on Korbinian Hamberger.

We recommended the HBO drama OZ and the Netflix mobile IOS game IMMORTALITY.


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