Find SEAN @ Series Mania 2021



If you’re lucky
This year at S√©ries Mania, almost 40 Serial Eyes alumni are present. So, chances are you’ll be able to meet many of us for a coffee. We are always around, so let’s meet in the Grand Palais! Look for the “SEAN” badges ūüėČ

Short Forms Competition
On from August 26, “Happiness”, co-created by SEAN member Yashar¬†Alishenas premieres at the festival. The show will air on ARTE from September onwards.

World Premiere
Friday¬†27 at 19.30¬†at UGC Cin√© Cit√©, the 3rd (and last) season of “Woke XAOC”, created by SE alumnus Sullivan Le Postec, premieres at the festival.

Series’ Women One-on-One Meetings
Monday 30 at 9.00¬†at the Meeting Club, meet member Maja Pek-Br√ľnjes¬†to talk about her series Jinx (Antitalent, Croatia).

UGC Writers Campus
Monday 30 at 9.30 in the Van Gogh Room, member Yashar Alishenas pitches his project The Revolution Never Happened.

Co-pro Pitching Sessions
Monday 30 at 10:00 in auditorium Eurotop, SEAN board member Tali Barde presents the project Gold Train that he is co-writing together with Jennifer Egen (27 Films Production, Germany).

Co-writing Residency Israel-France
Monday 30 at 14.15 at the Meeting Club, members Nir Berger, Léa Lespagnol and Giordana Mari present their project The Watch.

Panel “Face to face with German filmmakers: serious about series”
Tuesday 31 at 11.00¬†in Artois Room, Serial Eyes alumna Marlene Melchior, whose successful¬†show “Loving Her”¬†came out in Juli on ZDFNEO,¬†is part of the panel to talk about her experience as a female filmmaker in the German Series business.

Panel “Who tells the story? Is authenticity the answer to creating more inclusive tv series ?”
Wednesday 1st at 10.00 in¬†auditorium Eurotop, SEAN member Ruddy-Williams Kabuiku moderates this panel with the creators of the series “Caid” and “Sort Of”.

Panel “Writing and directing a fiction podcast”
Wednesday 1st at 15.00 in the Van Gogh room, SEAN president Pierre Puget moderates this panel with the creators of some of the most exciting fiction podcasts from France and the UK.

If you still need more and want to organise a meeting with SEAN or with the alumni present in Lille, get in touch:

Finally, EURO PUDDING will have a special episode at Séries Mania, recorded in public. Come be part of the podcast and ask questions!

Panel “So, what is it that you do, exactly? and other questions writers never dare to ask.”
Wednesday 1st at 13.30 in the Van Gogh room, Pierre Puget hosts this podcast episode that explores the real-life of producers and commissioners. Our guests are Ariane Baste Morand, development executive for Black Sheep Films (France); Dominique Jubin, managing director, Studiocanal Original (France); and Piodor Gustafsson, head of scripted content, TV4 & CMore (Sweden).

Congrats to our members:



Paolo Bernardelli
The series “Sanpa” Paolo co-wrote with Gianluca Neri and Carlo Giuseppe Gabardini is now available on Netflix.

Alexandre Manneville
“En Th√©rapie”, the French adaptation of Israeli series “BeTipul” (“In Treatment”) for which Alexandre wrote 6 episodes, worked on the season treatment and served as an on-set writer and art department associate is to be released on Arte, February 4th.

Wiktor Piatkowski
“Squared Love‚ÄĚ, the romantic comedy movie Wiktor wrote for Netflix and produced by Endemol Shine Poland will be released on Netflix, February 11th.

Jana Burbach
Jana was a staff writer and co-wrote 5 of the 6 episodes of “Tribes of Europa”. Check it out on Netflix, February 19th.

Daniela Baumgaertl, Janina Dahse, Korbinian Hamberger
Were all writers on the upcoming Netflix series “Kitz”, currently shooting, produced by H&V Entertainment and created, written and executive produced by Serial Eyes alumnus Niko Schulz-Dornburg.

Camille Couasse
The 6×60′ thriller/fantasy series “Vortex” produced by QUAD TV for France 2 has been greenlit! The writers‚Äô room is led by Camille and co-writer Sarah Farkas, and includes Marine Lachenaud, Serial Eyes alumnus.

Fabian Wallenfels
“God Save the Queen‚Äú, Fabian’s series developed last year during Serial Eyes, has been granted a development prize by Film-und Medienstiftung NRW.

That’s a lot of good news to start 2021!

Happy new year to you, we hope to meet with you as soon as possible.

Der Deutsche Fernsehpreis 2020



Several SEAN members have worked on series nominated for der Deutsche Fernsehpreis 2020: Daniel Hendler (Unorthodox), Jana Burbach (Bad Banks), Alex Lindh and Julia Penner (Druck) and Alex Lindh, Luisa Hardenberg and Daniel Hendler (MaPa)

Read the article

Shootings are starting again



After several weeks of interruption due to the pandemic, shootings are starting again. But with a lot of new rules, like wearing a mask, a minimum of technicians on set… SOKO Stuttgart is one of the series that have started shooting their next season, on which our member Sabrina Amerell has worked. Sabrina wrote episode 6, Bunte Liebe, set in the LGBTQ community.

Read the article

Liebe jetzt! is online



SEAN members Alex Lindh and Luisa Hardenberg both wrote one episode of the series Liebe jetzt! commissionned by ZDF during the corona crisis. All the episodes have been written and shot during the corona lockdown and you can watch them here:


Who wants a slice of Euro Pudding?



SEAN’s podcast Euro Pudding has just released a new episode. Some writers’ rooms have emerged during the corona crisis, writing and producing series in an incredibly short time. Let’s talk about these emergency writing conditions with out guests:


VAMPIRES on Netflix



You probably need something to watch, right? VAMPIRES is now streaming on Netflix, co-created by our member Isaure Pisani-Ferry! Enjoy!


Highlight on our members!



Jana Burbach is one of the participants of German Films’ “Face to Face” campaign 2020. Congrats Jana … and congrats to another participant, Hanno Hackfort who is one of the mentors of Serial Eyes. Variety talks about them, read more


Berlinale 2020



During Berlinale 2020 we had a great time at the Dirty Martini Party, hosted by the Dirty Dozen, Serial Eyes and SEAN. Thanks to our partners Dynamic Television and Seriencamp Conference for making it happen!