Congrats to our members:


Paolo Bernardelli
The series “Sanpa” Paolo co-wrote with Gianluca Neri and Carlo Giuseppe Gabardini is now available on Netflix.

Alexandre Manneville
“En Thérapie”, the French adaptation of Israeli series “BeTipul” (“In Treatment”) for which Alexandre wrote 6 episodes, worked on the season treatment and served as an on-set writer and art department associate is to be released on Arte, February 4th.

Wiktor Piatkowski
“Squared Love”, the romantic comedy movie Wiktor wrote for Netflix and produced by Endemol Shine Poland will be released on Netflix, February 11th.

Jana Burbach
Jana was a staff writer and co-wrote 5 of the 6 episodes of “Tribes of Europa”. Check it out on Netflix, February 19th.

Daniela Baumgaertl, Janina Dahse, Korbinian Hamberger
Were all writers on the upcoming Netflix series “Kitz”, currently shooting, produced by H&V Entertainment and created, written and executive produced by Serial Eyes alumnus Niko Schulz-Dornburg.

Camille Couasse
The 6×60′ thriller/fantasy series “Vortex” produced by QUAD TV for France 2 has been greenlit! The writers’ room is led by Camille and co-writer Sarah Farkas, and includes Marine Lachenaud, Serial Eyes alumnus.

Fabian Wallenfels
“God Save the Queen“, Fabian’s series developed last year during Serial Eyes, has been granted a development prize by Film-und Medienstiftung NRW.

That’s a lot of good news to start 2021!

Happy new year to you, we hope to meet with you as soon as possible.