Stefano Romano

Activity: Screenwriter
Nationality: Italian
Lives in: Rome, Italy
Writing languages: Italian, English
Genres: Drama, comedy, mystery, magic realism.


Sonia Olati @ Studio Olati /


Stefano Romano was born in 1988. He studied Biotechnology at the University of Naples and graduated in Cinema and Television at the University of Bologna. In 2018, he obtained a diploma in Screenwriting at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. He signed the screenplay of short movies awarded at Italian and European festivals. He worked as a freelance reader for Eagle Pictures Spa, and as a freelance script editor. He worked for Endemol Shine Italy as a junior story editor and then as a junior writer in the writers’ room of a drama TV series. He is an alumnus of Serial Eyes, and he is actually developing, among the other projects, a TV series with a German production company.

2019 – now/Non bastano i fiori/ Scriptwriter Drama feature film/CSC Production – Mosaicon Film (In development)

2019/Il ricordo di domani/Scriptwriter Drama short movie/CSC Production

2019/La cage/Scriptwriter Comedy short movie/CSC Production

2019/Domani all’alba/Scriptwriter Period short movie/CSC Production

2020 – 2021/DFFB – Serial Eyes/Berlin

2018/Fajr Internation Cinema Workshop/Tehran

2016 – 2018/Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Scriptwriting/Rome

2011 – 2014/Università di Bologna – Cinema and Media Studies/Bologna

2021/MadeFor Film GmbH/Berlin I was co-creator of a concept for a rom-com TV series

2019 – 2020/Endemol Shine Italy/Rome I was junior editor and junior writer in the development of the drama TV series ‘Il coraggio della verità’. I participated into the writing of the bible and the outlines of the episodes.

2019/Endemol Shine Italy/Rome I wrote the treatment for my crime rom-com feature film ‘Amor y pinchos’

2018 – 2020/Eagle Pictures SpA/Rome I read and evaluated scripts coming from the Italian and English speaking market

2019/Ballandi Arts/Rome I was a story editor on a feature film project

2014 – 2016/Nettuno TV S.r.l./Bologna TV director and video operator

2013 – 2014/Filandolarete S.r.l./Bologna Video operator