Stefano Romano

Activity: Screenwriter
Nationality: Italian
Lives in: Rome, Italy
Writing languages: Italian, English
Genres: comedy, drama, crime, supernatural


Sonia Olati @ Studio Olati /


Stefano Romano was born in 1988. He studied Biotechnology at the University of Naples and graduated in Cinema and Television at the University of Bologna. In 2018, he obtained the diploma in Screenwriting at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. His graduation film ‘Non bastano i fiori’ is currently in development, while the short films for which he signed the screenplay were awarded at Italian and European festivals.

He worked as a reader for Eagle Pictures and as a freelance script editor. After an internship at Endemol Shine Italy, he worked for Endemol as a junior story editor and had an experience as a junior writer in the writers’ room of a drama TV series in development. He currently lives and works in Rome as a scriptwriter for cinema and television, on both national and international projects.

2019 – now/Non bastano i fiori/ Scriptwriter Drama feature film/CSC Production – Mosaicon Film (In development)

2019/Il ricordo di domani/Scriptwriter Drama short movie/CSC Production

2019/La cage/Scriptwriter Comedy short movie/CSC Production

2019/Domani all’alba/Scriptwriter Period short movie/CSC Production

2020 – 2021/DFFB – Serial Eyes/Berlin

2018/Fajr Internation Cinema Workshop/Tehran

2016 – 2018/Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Scriptwriting/Rome

2011 Р2014/Università di Bologna РCinema and Media Studies/Bologna

2021/MadeFor Film GmbH/Berlin I was co-creator of a concept for a rom-com TV series

2019 – 2020/Endemol Shine Italy/Rome I was junior editor and junior writer in the development of the drama TV series ‘Il coraggio della verit√†’. I participated into the writing of the bible and the outlines of the episodes.

2019/Endemol Shine Italy/Rome I wrote the treatment for my crime rom-com feature film ‘Amor y pinchos’

2018 – 2020/Eagle Pictures SpA/Rome I read and evaluated scripts coming from the Italian and English speaking market

2019/Ballandi Arts/Rome I was a story editor on a feature film project

2014 – 2016/Nettuno TV S.r.l./Bologna TV director and video operator

2013 – 2014/Filandolarete S.r.l./Bologna Video operator