Laurent Mercier

Activity: Writer
Nationality: French
Lives in: Cologne, Berlin
Writing languages: French, English
Genres: Drama series


Catherine Winckelmuller, Paris


After graduating from the European Conservatory of Script Writing (CEEA, Paris) in 2010, Laurent worked for three years as a freelance writer for French TV broadcasters (dramas, soap, comedy) while also working on independent movies and documentary projects. In 2014, he graduated from the first promotion of SERIAL EYES (Berlin). Since then, he worked for several international coproduction series, such as “The Club” (Arte), “Raizan” (Tellux, Iris), or his own series “The Gamble” before co-writing the arcs and two episodes of the Grimme Special Award winner mini-series “Eden” (Arte, SWR, ARD, 2019). In 2020, he created with director Gilles Bannier the upcoming international mini-series “Flight MH370” (France 2, Alef One, Banijay) and co-wrote four of the six episodes. Laurent has also co-written the feature film “Putains” produced by Ingonita Films (Edouard de Vésinne), directed by Anne Le Ny (into production); and an episode of the upcoming Anne Landois’s new series “La Promesse” (TF1, 2020). He develops his own series “A Better Place” co-written with Alexander Lindh, and produced by Komplizen Films.

2020 / A Better Place / Creator, Writer

Drama series produced by Komplizen Films


2020 / La Promesse / Writer of one episode

Thriller series produced by Sortilège Production for TF1


2020 / Flight MH370 / Creator, Writer

Drama series produced by Alef One for France 2


2019  / Eden / Cowriter arcs and two episodes

Drama series produced by Atlantique, Lupa Films, Port-de-Prince for ARTE, SWR

2014 / Serial Eyes / Berlin
2010 / CEEA / Paris