Harry Ayiotis

Activity: Writer, Director
Nationality: Cypriot
Lives in: Larnaca, Cyprus
Writing languages: English, Greek, Klingon
Genres: Dramedy, Black comedy, off beat, sci-N, horror, fantasy


+357 99523680
whatsapp: +49 176 77613320

Born and bred filmmaker from the money laundering isle of Cyprus with barely a million in population and with main exports such as halloumi cheese, money laundering services and my family, the Ayiotis clan. A bloodline that stretches from Europe all the way to the Americas and beyond. Back in the 70’s in New York City, two of my uncles hustled with the Greek mafia but they weren’t very good at it so they were arrested and deported back home. One of my first cousins is the queen of Colombian trap music. My family is innately bonkers, the main origin of my idiosyncratic hyper creative stimuli that was shaped by a rambunctious environment, a unique hodgepodge of geopolitical drama, the division between the Turkish North and the Greek South. UN buffer zones, military checkpoints, passport control, armed conwicts, ethnic cleansing. All this drama equipped me with a unique voice in telling stories. Which is ironic since you can’t just decide to be a screenwriter in Cyprus and especially if your entire family expected you be a lawyer. It was a long and meandering process from lawyer to self-taught screenwriter. But I had to hustle and hustle I did. When there are no opportunities you create your own. I’m a graduate of Midpoint TV Launch where my project won the HBO Europe award for best TV concept. I am an alumni of Torino SeriesLab and of course an esteemed graduate of Serial Eyes. I’m currently developing a bunch of series and preparing for my debut feature film.

2020 / High Hopes / Co-creator
Family Dramedy, Crime / Butterfilms, Strobl and Weiler GbR (in development)

2018 / The Midnight Shift / Co-creator
Med-Noir fantasy / Splash Screen (in development)

2018 / Die Wolfensteins / Creator
Black comedy, family / H&V Entertainment GmbH (in development)

2018 / Otto is Dead / Co-Creator
Crimedy / H&V Entertainment GmBH (in development)

2006-2009 / Bachelor of Laws / University of Southampton

2012 / Intensive editing training / Manhattan Edit Workshop

2013 / Advanced Cinematography / School of Visual Arts

2016-2017 / Serial storytelling / Midpoint TV Launch Program

2017-2018 / Serial storytelling / Serial Eyes at Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie

2018-2019 / Serial storytelling/Torino Film Lab SeriesLab