Geo Doba

Activity: Writer, Director, Producer
Nationality: Romanian
Lives in: Berlin, Germany / Bucharest, Romania
Writing languages: English, Romanian
Genres: Drama, Comedy, Satire, Political, Sci-fi


Marinus Viktor, Papercuts / +49 (0) 160 5955 631 /

+40727 566 956

Geo is a Writer-Director and the first Romanian to participate in the TV Writing program “Serial Eyes” at The Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie Berlin, having graduated in July 2021. To date, her portfolio includes a couple of web series, two short films and several short stories published in comic book anthologies.

She also wrote for a late-night show at Comedy Central Romania and sometimes moonlights as a standup comedian. Geo writes crime, drama and comedy in English, and she speaks several languages (French, Spanish, Italian, beginner in German and Mandarin).


The Apartment

Format: Short, 8 min

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Screenplay: Geo Doba

Director: Geo Doba

Production: Atelier de Film, Jabods


Vertical Taste

Format: Web-series, 6×20 min

Genre: Cooking Show

Screenplay: Geo Doba

Director: Geo Doba

Production: TheCell



Format: Short, 9 min

Genre: Fantasy

Screenplay: Geo Doba

Director: Geo Doba

Production: Castel Films

2020-2021 Serial Eyes Writing Program, DFFB, Germany

2021 Pustnik Screenwriters’ Residency, Romania

2019 Torino Film Lab Extended, Italy

2014 Screenwriting Program, The Screenarts Institute London, UK

2014 Producing Workshop, NFTS Beanconsfield, UK

2017 – 2019 “Late night show with Viorel Dragu“


2018 “Alex Velea Roast”

Writer, Producer

2015-2018 “Comedy sketches CevaMarunt”

Writer, Director