Felice Goetze

Activity: Creator, Head and Screenwriter, Director
Nationality: Bavarian
Lives in: Berlin, Germany
Writing languages: German, English
Genres: (true) crime, legal, thriller, period, drama




Fresh out of high school I immersed myself in the booming techno scene of the mid Nineties and published Germany’s leading electronic music print magazine “Raveline”. Looking for even stranger worlds to explore I wasted the years to follow by studying International Business Affairs in Munich, London and Madrid. As an intern for companies like Daimler-Chrysler (Munich), Televisa (Mexico City) and Citybank (London) I successfully gambled away my own and other people’s money at various stock markets. I finally came to my senses when I watched Fight Club in late 1999. At that moment I decided to not become a sad corporate fuck like the film’s narrator, but rather to strive to give others a similarly exhilarating experience like the one I had just had watching this fascinating story unfold. Consequently I enrolled at HFF Munich (Munich Film School), where I studied both, “Movie Production” and “Directing”.

After leaving film school, I went first to direct (SOKO 5113) and then to write for various German crime formats (e.g. Tatort). In 2017 I created my first TV thriller series “Über die Grenze” / “Borderland” which was quite successful with critics and viewers alike and which I am shamelessly proud of. After finishing the international showrunners’ programme “Serial Eyes”, I have been working as head writer for “Legal Affairs” (UFA) a new legal show staring Lavinia Wilson as a feisty media lawyer. It will be streamed and broadcasted in late 2021.

Every now and then I am also teaching character development based on the psychological model of the Enneagram to experienced screenwriters. I love collaborating with others and wholeheartedly embrace the writers’ room approach that finally has found its way into the European TV industry. Having just finished “Legal Affairs” I am now looking for new stories and projects, especially in the genres true crime, legal and period drama.

2021-2019 / Legal Affairs / head writer

Legal drama series / UFA Fiction / RBB & ARD Degeto

2017-2016 / Über die Grenze (Borderland) / creator & headwriter
thriller series / Polyphon / SWR & ARD Degeto

2015 / Tatort “Die Wiederkehr” / original screenplay
crime series / Bremedia / Radio Bremen

2013 / Tatort “Für eine Hand voll Paradies” / screenplay
crime series / Pro Saar Media / SR

2009 / SOKO 5113 “Vater ist der Beste” / director
crime series / UFA Fiction / ZDF

2009 / SOKO 5113 “Die letzte Kugel” / director
crime series / UFA Fiction / ZDF

2008 / Unverwundbar (Invulnerable) / writer-director
drama short / Toccata Film / BR

2006 / Tougher Yet / writer-director
drama short / Toccata Film / SWR

October 2021 / Genre Screenwriting Seminar “Horror” by Robert McKee / Zoom

Sept 2019 – Mai 2018 / Serial Eyes Showrunners’ Programme / Berlin

July 2017 / Genre-Screenwriting Seminar by Robert McKee / Berlin

November 2014 / European TV Drama Series Seminar Writers’ Room Simulation by Ed Zuckerman &
Robert Thorogood / Berlin

July 2014 / European TV Drama Series Seminar by Glen Mazarra (and others) / Berlin

April 2012 / Directing Actors- Seminar by Judith Weston / Amsterdam

December 2008 / Story – Screenwriting Seminar by Robert McKee / London

2008-2003 / Directing Fiction Munich Academy For Television and Film (HFF-München) / Munich

2005-2001 / Movie Production / Munich Academy For Television and Film (HFF-München) / Munich

2001-1997 / International Business / Munich Business School / Munich, London, Madrid

1994-1985 / Carl-Spitzweg-Gymnasium-Unterpfaffenhofen, Germering / Germany

June 2021 / Serial Eyes Alumni Network

Zoom Lecture „A Journey Into Character – The Enneagram for Screenwriters“

May 2020 / International Film School Cologne / Cologne
Lecture „A Journey Into Character – The Enneagram for Screenwriters“

July 2018 / Media Exchange & Erich Pommer Institute / Berlin
Lecture „A Journey Into Character – The Enneagram for Screenwriters“

July 2017 / Scriptmakers / Berlin
Lecture „A Journey Into Character – The Enneagram for Screenwriters“

2009-2006 / Südwestrundfunk (SWR) / Munich
Freelance Drama Developer & Proofreader

2007-2005 / Telepool GmbH / Munich
Freelance Proofreader (Focus US-Productions)

2005 / Tandem Communications GmbH / Munich
Assistant Script Development (Focus USA)

2001 / Kinowelt Media AG / Munich
Independent controlling project: valuation of the media company’s strategic Nelds for an optimization of investment

Sep.2000-Jun. 2000 / Schroder Salomon Smith Barney Citigroup / London
Equity research – analysis of business models and performances of luxury goods e-tailers

April 2000- Jan. 2000 / Grupo Televisa / Mexico City
Marketing – positioning project for several print magazines (e.g. Vogue Latin America, Elle Latin America)

Sep.1998- Jul.1998: Daimler-Chrysler, Munich / Germany (Sales)
Human Resources – Independent Controlling Project

Aug.1996-Sep.1994 / Musik Magazin Raveline, Gelsenkirchen
Editor in Chief (Distribution: 70.000 copies/month)