Alexander Lindh

Activity: Writer, Producer, Director
Nationality: German, Finnish
Lives in: Berlin, Germany
Writing languages: German, English, Swedish
Genres: Drama, Comedy, Young Adult, Sadcom


Alexander Lindh is half German, half Finland- Swede. After a BA in creative writing, cultural and media studies, Lindh began to work as a staff writer for the daily drama series GUTE ZEITEN SCHLECHTE ZEITEN. After graduating from Serial Eyes in 2013, Lindh co-created and wrote for NBC Germany’s first in-house produced series CULPA and was head writer and creative producer of DRUCK – the German adaptation of the Norwegian teen drama Skam, which was nominated for the Grimme-Award and the German Television Award. His first originally created and semi-autobiographical series MAPA premiered in April 2020 on the streaming platform Joyn and was nominated as best drama series at the German Television Award. In 2020 Lindh co-directed an episode of the ZDF-Neo series “Liebe! Jetzt!.

2011–2016: Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten / Staff Writer

2017: Armans Geheimnis / Head Writer

2017: Culpa – Niemand ist ohne Schuld / Co-Creator, Staff Writer

2017: Ein Mann, eine Wahl / Co-Creator, Writer

2018–2019: Druck / Head Writer, Creative Producer

2020: Mapa / Creator, Head Writer, Executive Producer

2020: Liebe Jetzt / Writer, Director

2008-2011 / Cultural Studies / Universität Hildesheim

2013-2014 / Serial Eyes / DFFB